Cannot Download Slicer

I’ve tried to download the stable release of 3d slicer for Windows 6 times using Google Chrome. 3 times using Firefox, and 2 times trying to download the macOS version.

Any mirrors?

It gets about 20-50mb through, and just stops.
Really need Slicer!

I just tried downloading the stable release of 3D slicer for windows and it was successful.

Try downloading again. If it fails, the issue is likely on your end. You might have an intermittent internet connection or some other restriction with the network that you are connected to.


I was able to download latest Slicer nightly release in Europe, without any problem.

Turns out it was indeed content filtering on my Firewall at work. I was able to download from home the other day. Apologies for the confusion - issue is resolved.