Can't install extensions in latest Preview Release

I installed the latest preview build today and went to reinstall the extensions I was using, but Slicer claimed that the extensions were incompatible with the current version. Do I just need to downgrade to a version compatible with the extensions I want, or is something else wrong here?

Something else I think. I recommend trying an earlier version for now, we have been in the midst of some SSL updates and I think this is related to that.

@jcfr I am getting this error on the most recent Windows nightly when I try to download extensions:

"Retrieving extension metadata [ extensionId: 381453]"
"{5c738122-c1f4-4c42-a591-0e4cbe6ae535}: 99: Network access is disabled."
"Failed to retrieve metadata for extension 381453"
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It turns out the solution was just to wait. I guess the extensions server was overloaded or something similar. After a while, I was able to access the extensions menu again and download what I needed.

Yes, we are actively working on replacing the current extension server which is definitely having issues.