Clear mask popup in segmentation

Operating system: windows 10
Slicer version: 4.13

Actual behavior:
Currently on right clicking and in menu select clear selected segments it will show pop up and prompt to user for clear the selected mask(Yes/No) .

Expected behavior:
I want to disable the pop up shows up on clicking the (clear selected segments) menu and clear selected mask directly without showing any pop.

We would need to understand why do you need to clear segments so often that this popup gets in the way. Can you tell a bit more about your use case?

No, user will not use if often but whenever it required they can.

This is creating an extra click for user that we are trying to eliminate.

It would be better to address the root cause (not require the user to clear the segments in the first place), but if you don’t have any specific use case in mind and you are sure that it will be a problem for users then you can set DontShowAgainVisible to true and set a valid DontShowAgainSettingsKey on the popup.