Create mesh from binary image

Hello everyone,

From an airway Dicom image (.hdr) with the background = 0, and airway = 255, I would like to create the mesh to perform simulation later from this image by Slicer3D. After reading some guidance, I used Segment Editor to segment the airway part and export it to model, it has some problems:

  1. I used threshold with a range [1:255] to segment the airway (without smoothing), but it does not capture all pixels (Fig1). Is there any other method to obtain mesh image?
  2. After obtaining the segmented image, I used Surface toolbox to smooth the surface of airway mesh with the Taubin method (Fig2) without shrinkage (it is better than Laplacian in my case). Is there any method I can compare with Taubin (from Slicer/VTK code)?
  3. Is smoothing before creating mesh image or after meshing better?
    Could you please suggest what I might try?

Many thanks,