Creating a 3d printable model of lung airways using CT data

Hey. I am currently trying to make a 3d printable model of the human bronchial airway using CT data. If anyone can tell me the process for it?
Thanks in advance.

You may be able to segment airways using Threshold effect then cut off irrelevant parts using Scissors effect.

If a single global threshold cannot capture everything then you can put seeds inside airways and outside and use “Grow from seeds” effect to create a complete segmentation. The advantage of this approach is that you can add further seeds until you get a segmentation with sufficient details.

If you have trouble obtaining good segmentation then post screenshots highlighting the issues.

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Also, from where we can get detailed CT dicom data of lungs online? I need airways atleast till 7th generation (G7). Please help

TCIA contains lots of lung images (with ground truth segmentations available in Medical Decathlon). However, it is always the best to ask data from your clinical collaborators - they can also validate quality of your processed data and results, keep your focus on the right clinical priorities, etc.

We have sample CT chest data available in 3d slicer but it is not in DICOM format. I downloaded an extension named ‘Airway Segmentation CLI’ for segment airways using non-dicom data. I have some doubts on how to use that module. Please help

I recommend using the other airway segmentation module, not the CLI (it is easier), it will create a model from the label map as well

When I am doing with that using sample CT chest data available in 3-D slicer, this is what it is showing with other airway segmentation extension-

It is a bug when using non dicom images as they don’t have certain tags, you can use this fix to bypass it and make it work , simply replace the file located in Slicer_install_dir\lib\Slicer-4.10\qt-scripted-modules\ with that one after backing up the original.

‘’ is not showing in the folder you mentioned. I have downloaded the extension in the 3-D slicer.