Creation of Module (Young's modulus)

Hi everybody!, well I have to create a module that calculate Young’s modulus of mandible but i don’t know how to start. I have skills in programming on python but i never used VTK. My idea is to first cut the area of interest, segment the mandible and get the segmentation , then get the value of each voxel to enter it into a formula to calculate the modulus of young, then visualize the segmentation with a scale of colors the values of the modulus , for example the highest value in red and the lowest in blue. I do not know if its how possible and if you could guide me where to start. Thank you!!

Yes, that all sounds quite doable via a scripted module.

Best if you start with the programming tutorials (particularly the one on developing extensions).

Hello Lorena, I am working on maybe the same topic. I was wondering if you could get ahead in your topic and could assign material properties using 3D slicer?