Database for MultiVolumeExplorer

To use MultiVolumeExplorer I need a database that has the extension dcm. Does anyone know of a biomedical imaging database with that extension?

Thank you!

What kind of data sets are you looking for? What is the overall goal that you would like to achieve?

I’m looking for CT images of lung cancer and COVID-19. What I want to do is compare the intensity of the affected regions with MultiVolumeExplorer.

You can download lots of COVID-19 patient data sets from TCIA.

MultiVolumeExplorer is for browsing 4D data sets, not for comparing 3D volumes. You can use basic Slicer GUI to view/compare chest CTs - see documentation and tutorials.

You may find the LungCTAnalyzer extension useful. For additional analysis and quantification, you may check out the Chest Imaging Platform.