How to analyse CT time sequence data of lungs?

Hey, I am Shahid Khan and I am very new to 3-d slicer(started a week ago). I want to analyze CT data of lung cancer and want to generate Ktrans and Ve maps. I have data in Scalar volume but to use T1 mapping I need it in Multivolume mode? I am not able to understand this. Can anyone help me with this?

Hi -

If you are in Advanced mode (click the checkbox) then you will be given a list of different load options (scalar, multivolume, etc) for whatever loaders can handle your data. Just check the option that corresponds to how you want the data to load.

I did this step. It is showing only in scalar volume but to generate Ktrans maps I need it in multivolume then only I can generate them using T1 mapping extension. Please help.

Are you sure you exported 4D CT data set (3D time sequence)? Can you attach a screenshot of your DICOM browser (scratch out patient name, ID, dates) so that we can see what kind of series are listed?

Also, try loading the data set using latest preview release of Slicer.

I am not sure of that. I downloaded data from TCIA (QIN LUNG CT)
Link to data-

Hers is the screenshot of the browser.

All CTs in TCIA “QIN LUNG CT” collection are simple 3D volumes, they are not time sequences. You can find 4D CTs in “4D -Lung” collection.

Thank you Dr. Lasso. I will download this data and try it with this.
There is one more issue- Even if I get the data you mentioned in multi-volume node, I still won’t be able to generate permeability (Ktrans) and porosity (Ve) maps of the tumour using PK modeling and T1 mapping as they are compatible only with DCE-MRI data.
How to generate the above-mentioned maps using the data which you mentioned?