Dentalscan reformat/slices

I am a young DDS who is trying to get an OPG looking image from a Cone beam TC. What other softwares let you do is draw a line on a coronal slice and create a 2D picture of the slab around the line. Is it possible to replicate this in 3DSlicer?

I’ve been using this software for a couple of months now and i’m still amazed of what it can do, i just wanted to say a big “thank you” to slicer devs and the community.

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You can reformat slices along a curve, as shown here: Cross Sectional Area of a Ring

There have been some interest in having panoramic reconstruction and would not be difficult to implement (since all the algorithms are already available, it would just need to be exposed in a module with a convenient user interface; probably a few weeks of work). If you know a software developer/student who could volunteer to implement this then we can help him to get started; or if you can get a small grant funding then we can help you to find a developer who could implement this.

thank you for your fast and helpful reply. The cross sectional modules are great. As for the panoramic reconstruction, at the moment i have no way to help develop a module nor get a funding. In the next future i might give it a try with my brother (who is actually a python programmer). I’ll let you know about that. Thank you again