Dicom only visible in zoom

I have been trying to view DICOM CT scans -I have imported the files but when I load them to view the files show on the left as being live but the actual views (R,Y,G) are just black with nothing visible. However, when I click ‘show zoomed slice’ I can see zoomed in sections of the CT images and move through them in the small box on the bottom left of the screen,
Any suggestions much appreciated,

Many Thanks

This typically happens when your graphics card does not meet minimum requirements (your computer is more than 6-8 years old). See some more details here. If upgrading your graphics card drivers does not help then probably you need to upgrade your computer. If your computer is a recent one then send us the application log (menu: Help / Report a bug).

Dear Andras,

Very many thanks for coming back so quickly on this –much appreciated! Will start pestering my employer for a better PC!

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