DICOM view of a cardiac sequence

I’ve been trying to import and view 1 sequence of DICOM cardiac image. Whenever I try to load the images, I get the following warning:

If I load anyway, I can only see the sagittal view. But the Coronal and Axial views are not showing.

In this sequence there are a total of 9 DCM files. 3 for each view.
I can see the coronal and axial views in other viewers like “IMAIOS”.

Is there any way to view all planes of the sequence in Slicer too?

N.B. If I load each dcm files individually of that seq, I can see the coronal and axial views.

For sparse file formats there is often several different interpretations (reconstruct one single volume, reconstruct one volume from each set of frames with the same orientation, load them as a time sequence, etc.). If the default interpretation is not what you need then you can check the “Advanced” checkbox, click “Examine” to get a list of possible interpretations, choose from the offered list of loadables, and click “Load”.