Loosing track of all posts on Forum

(Leonardo Machado) #1


how can I shut down the emailing service about every topic ongoing here in the forum?

Certainly this forum is veeery useful… but I’m getting tons of message in my personal email box daily…
haha… can anyone here save me…?


(Isaiah Norton) #2

Go to preferences:


Then Emails:

Turn off “mailing list mode” and/or change the other notification preferences.

(by the way, all the messages should be from slicer@discoursemail.com, so you could filter them, e.g. to a specific folder if you use gmail or most desktop mail clients)

(Andras Lasso) #3

The beauty of discourse forums is that you can configure them to only send you information that is relevant for you, in a way and at a rate that you are comfortable to process.

You can customize which categories you are notified about at one place, here: https://discourse.slicer.org/u/lassoan/preferences/categories

I would suggest to only keep Announcements.

If you are only interested in a particular topic, then you can enable notification for those posts by specifying corresponding tag here: https://discourse.slicer.org/u/lassoan/preferences/tags

You can also keep a weekly or bi-weekly summary email to have a chance to glance through the activity on the forum (https://discourse.slicer.org/u/lassoan/preferences/emails).

(Leonardo Machado) #4

I guess, I’ve tried it with no success. But will do it again.

Thank you!!

(Leonardo Machado) #5

I checked for the summary every two weeks… Let’s see how it goes.

Thank you!!!

(Leonardo Machado) #6

Hy guys,
unfortunately, I am still struggling with tons of slicer-forum emails in my inbox.

pls, take a look in my preferences > emails screen.

appreciate any help.


(Isaiah Norton) #7

I think you need to also remove Support from the Categories->Watching and Development from Categories->Watching first post section of the preferences. Then you should only get emails for threads where you replied.

(I would suggest to keep “Announcements” in “Watching first post”, as that one is very low-traffic, just important notices that most people wouldn’t want to miss)

(Leonardo Machado) #8

Ok. Just did it.

Let’s see now.

Thank you, friend!