Downloading older releases: need to update "Older releases" link?

For the second time in the last few months I had a need to download an older nightly of Slicer (as a way to mitigate surprises for the users).

Today, as before, my first instinct was to go to the “Older releases” link on, only to be reminded that it is useless (points to a Midas instance, with no folder for 4.11.0).

I suggest “Older releases” link should be changed to point to this wiki page instead:

This entry should also be updated probably:, but since I do not know how things are organized (it seems like new packages do not go to Midas, but it may also be that I just don’t know how to find them there), I don’t know what should be the actual instructions.

So, nightly packages are still uploaded to Midas, but to this folder, which unfortunately holds ALL of the Slicer4 nightlies, and so it’s pretty much unbrowsable.

You will probably get the best result locating older packages by searching for the package name / date, ex something like


ex:, or by using the instructions in the first link FAQ link you posted

The “older release” current instructions (second FAQ link) are still correct, but only for actual releases, not nightly versions.

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Thanks. If we keep the current “Older releases” link at, I hope those who need this functionality are able to find this thread.

In my case, the most useful is the ability to use release URL attribute - this allows me to easily locate the same package I have on my system and share it with the users.

I will look into adding a “older previews” link that will point to the FAQ

Using the URL parameters for as described in the FAQ, you can get nightly versions by setting stability=nightly or stability=any . I’ve confirmed it works. The date parameters also work to get nightlies.

I’ve made this change to the older releases link.