Dual echo GRE sequence. Can I see and propogate segmentations in both IP and OOP images?

I am using 3D Slicer 5.0.3.
The dual echo GRE sequence contains both in (IP)- and out-of-phase (OOP) slices. When I import this sequence from the DCM Loading area, I only see out-of-phase images on the conventional screen. My goal here is to perform a semiautomatic segmentation and calculate the texture parameters, in both IP and OOP sequences.
1- Can I see both in- and out-of-phase images alternately?
2- Will my segmentations on out-of-phase be automatically propagated to in-phase by the 3D Slicer?
3- I want to remove the hepatic and portal veins from the mask while segmenting the liver. I guess I need to use the Islands tool for this. I watched the liver segmentation video on youtube. Can you suggest any other online helpful resources?
The video I mentioned was produced using version 4.10.2 and I couldn’t even find the Crop feature where it is explained in the video. I think new new videos are required for Version 5.x’s.

Thank you to the researchers who will help.

You can load any number of images and show 2 of them at the same time (blended with the chosen transparency) in a slice view.

If you register the images so that they are all spatially aligned then the segmentation that you create will be aligned with all of them.

Can you provide some images and sketches that explain what exactly you would like to achieve?

Please send a link to the video (include the time where the feature is used).