Error in uploading DICOM Files

I have a compressed DICOM file (DICOMDIR) that I am trying to load into 3D Slicer and produce a 3D volume of a patient’s head. I have tried uploading the data into 3D Slicer, but I receive an error saying that the files are unable to be uploaded. When I click ‘show details’, it only says that the load has failed :(.


I would be grateful if someone could propose a way to solve this issue!

Thank you in advance! :blush:

Please use the DICOM module (File->Add DiCOM Data) to import dicom files into Slicer.


I have tried that, but the same error comes up.

So I have managed to upload some DICOM files, but they are all as separate slices and I would like to visualise all the slices as one volume. How could i do this?