Errors Importing CT files made with GE LightSpeed QXI 4

Hello, I have been trying to import dicom files from ct-scan made with GE LightSpeed QXI 4. I have researched the tutorials and information and researched the GE LightSpeed QXI 4. The errors that occur are errors in spacing, geometry. I get images that either look like aliens or like flattened heads. None of the solutions I found work for me. I downloaded the recommended extensions and it didn’t work, looked at the information in the Volumes module, etc.

This is an old ct-scan machine so I’m hoping someone already knows what to do to get a 3d object without distortions.

Is there a way to manually insert a space size for each slice?

I also found this formula for GE’s Lightspeed 64:
64 x 0.625 mm (total z-axis length of 40 mm).

Would it be 4 x 0.625mm for GE LightSpeed QXI 4?

See troubleshooting instructions in the DICOM FAQ. Let us know how they worked or send us anonymized/animal/phantom data set that we can inspect.

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Also if you use a recent slicer you can enable acquisition geometry correction (to handle variable slice spacing). It’s in Edit -> Application Settings -> DICOM tab.

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I did try this, it still looked distorted. Will go through all the tutorials again. Thank you for your help.