Exporting png-files as stacks after registration

Hey everyone!
Lately I wanted to align two different CT-modalities with 3D Slicer so that corresponding anatomic structures are positioned exactly over each other. This worked out quite well so far with “Transforms” and “General Registration (BRAINS)” and now I wanted to create stacks (png for example) of these two CT-modalities with exact this orientation.
I tried to accomplish that with the “Screen Capture”- Utility but so far I only got single pictures instead of a whole stack which I could use for further analysis. Is it possible to create these stacks I´m looking for ?

Best regards

Why do you want to export stacks? YOu will loose coordinate systems, voxel spacing and possibly degrade your data.

Screen capture module can export image stacks (use slice sweep mode), but image stacks are for presentation purposes only, due to the issues that @muratmaga mentioned above.

For further analysis, use 3D file formats, such as nrrd.

Thank you both for your advices ! Regarding what @muratmaga mentioned I should rather use the single pictures instead.