Extension Download for Manual Install - SlicerRT, SlicerProstate

Operating system: Windows 7
Slicer version: 4.6.2
Expected behavior: Extension wizard should connect to appstore
Actual behavior: Extension wizard hangs

Based on the feedback from other threads, it seems that the server for loading extensions is very slow.
Is there a link to access the SlicerRT and SlicerProstate extensions directly so that I can manually install them?

Thanks in advance

There was a temporary problem with the extension manager, but the problem was solved a few weeks ago. I’ve just checked it and Slicer 4.6.2 extensions are listed and can be downloaded without any issue.

If you have trouble accessing the extension manager, it is most likely due to local network restrictions. Follow these instructions for manual download and install of extensions.

The latest stable version (4.6.2) is almost a year old. I would suggest to use the nightly version, which is stable and has many fixes and improvements compared to the latest stable version.

Hi Andras

Thanks for the quick response. This time the connection to your appstore
worked. I was able to download the modules I need.

Thanks again

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