Extension "Radiomics" does not work in Slicer version 4.13.0 on MacBook

Operating system: MacOSCatalina Version 10.15.7
Slicer version: 4.13.0-2020-10-15
Expected behavior: Download Radiomics-Extension
Actual behavior:
Please excuse my basic question.
I tried to install Radiomics-Extension in 3D-Slicer all over the week.
As I read on the website, I have to install the “Unstable Version” of 3D-Slicer - and so I did. But when I try to import DICOM-Data, the following picture appears.
Additionally, I am not able to install any Extension…

So I downloaded the “Stable” Version - now, it´s easy to import DICOM-Data, but it is just possible installing “RadiomicsCLI”.What can I do?

As we indicated on the download page, the current Slicer Preview Release (Slicer-4.13) is not stable yet. Use the latest stable release instead.

Thanks for your immediate support!
Does that mean that “RadiomicsCLI” is the equivalent, or rather the previous version of “Radiomics”?