Extensions for 4.13 R30577 not available fro windows?

Sorry for a possibly silly question - I just downloaded and installed the latest 4.13 version for Windows (R30577) and it seems that none of the extensions is currently available for that platform. Did I just happen to grab that version too early and these are still in the process of being built?

You can see the status of the build in real-time here (you can go to the previous days, too).

Which extension was that you did not find?

Thanks for the clarification Andras,

I could not find a single extension. All of the extensions I had installed with my previous slicer version appeared greyed out in the extension manager, and the number of available extensions appeared as 0.

That seemed rather strange so I then had a look at the following site:


from which I got the impression that not a single windows extension seemed to be available.

Today’s nightly extension builds are partially complete (see the status here, a good number of extensions are already available. You can either wait a few more hours or use yesterday’s Slicer Preview Release - see details here.

Ok, understood – I did not realise that the mosr recent application was available already while the extensions were still being built. I know where to check for these being ready now, and can certainly wait a bit.

I agree, this is not intuitive. We plan to change this, see details here: