No extensions in Extension Manager - 4.11.0 windows build (Nightly Also)

Thank you for your hard working

No extensions in Extension Manager - 4.11.0 build (Nightly Also) in Windows
(I already did manual installation but it did not work.suspicious factor is that revision number was not seen in extension-manager)

Can you introduce stable revision number(like Slicer version 28257) for fixing no extensions in extension mangager in Windows build?

Extensions are built every night for latest stable and latest preview release. If something goes wrong ne night then for that day’s preview release there may not be extensions available. You can download Preview Releases built another day as described here:

What is the date on the installer that you downloaded that gave this “revision 0” error?

Thank you : ) it is very time consuming job, so i try to build extension manager in my local folder.

both ver did not work about extension manger

4.11 source 28565
4.10.2 source 28257

Have you built Slicer yourself? If yes, then make sure you checkout the source code from SVN and Slicer can find SVN executable (so that it can retrieve the revision number).

i download from github

Clone or Download

I will try byh SVN Checkout instead of direct download
Thank you^-^

You can download Slicer’s source code from Github but not any executables. Have you built Slicer from source code yourself?