Feedback about TransformManager

This is a module that let’s define a linear transformNode with:

  • till n (currently 8) different relative rotations and a 3D translation
  • axis of rotation, angle and pivot point

Also allows to visualize the transform information as:

  • current intrinsic euler angles of the rotation part
  • axis of rotation, angle and nearest to the origin point of the rotation axis (also tells you if the pivot point is at infinity)
  • an angle markup which translates point0, the origin; around point1, the pivot point; to the point2, the transformed_origin.
  • a plane markup which its objectToNode transform matches the current transformNode matrix.

Screenshot from 2022-07-08 11-57-43

Screenshot from 2022-07-08 11-58-58

Here is the repo for you to try:

You just need to add YOURPATH/TransformManager/TransformManager to your modules list.

I would appreciate feedback about it.