Generating STL volumes from DICOM data

Hello Slicer wizards,

I’ve been using Slicer for the past days and I’ve been having some problems with generating volumes from the DICOM data that I have. I’ve been mainly following tutorials on youtube, but I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Basically, I’m trying to generate a volume of an artery from an Angiography. However, every time I try generating the volume, I just get a “mess” with a lot of noise. The artery becomes sort of a “flat” thing, instead of a cylinder as it should be.

I’ll share a screenshot of what I’ve done (Yes, there are a lot of problems with what I’m doing, I’ve just done something quickly to illustrate the problem):

What I’ve noticed is that the Y and G views are just a “small window”, rather than a “full window” like the R view. In the tutorials that I’ve been watching, all the 3 views have full windows, like the R view in this case. Does this has anything to do with the problem that I’m having?

The DICOM series that you loaded contained a secondary capture (screenshot) image, not a 3D volume. You cannot create 3D models from such series.

It is possible that the series also has volumetric data stored in private tags, but those fields may not be accessible to third-party software, such as Slicer.

What device did you use to acquire the data?
Did you tried to load the rotational angio series (sequence of 2D frames) or the reconstructed 3D volume?
Do you have an option to export the 3D volume as a series of CT modality?

Thanks for the reply!

As for the questions you’ve made, I’m not really sure how to answer, since I’m not from a medical field
All that I know is that I got the images directly from a physician, who did the CT scans. From all the images I have available, I have two modalities - OT and XA (not even sure what is the difference). I’m not sure what kind of different data I could have from the scan, that I would be able to generate the volumes in Slicer.
Long story short, I’m very lost not only with Slicer, but also with the medical data, as I’m from an engineering field. What kind of data should I be looking for?


XA modality refers to X-ray angiography image sequence. It consists of a series of 2D projection images. If images are acquired while the gantry was rotating then you can probably use the vendor’s software to reconstruct a 3D volume and save it as DICOM. This reconstructed volume may be loadable into Slicer.

OT means other, non-imaging data (maybe dose report?), probably not relevant for you.

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I see, thanks for the info!