Glyph text annotation orientation


Is there a way to change the glyph label orientation? I have a situation where 10 glyphs are inline and the text is overlapping.

It would be great if I could set the orientation to 900.


You can change the angle of the labels via the markups display node, by typing this into the Python console:

markupsNode = getNode('F')

This property is not saved into the scene, so you need to set it each time you create or load a node. If this feature proves to be useful for you then let us know and we can add it to the GUI and save the information in the scene file.

Note that you can also make labels more visible by rotating the view, adjusting font size, zooming in the view, or making labels shorter.

@lassoan this is a good solution for now, thank you. I think it would be a valuable addition for our clinical team. We use SEEGAssistant to localize SEEG depth electrode contacts. Depending on the number of electrodes and contact spacing it gets quite crowded.

Could this be added to the nightly?