Grow from seeds stopped working.....

Operating system: windows
Slicer version:5.2.2
Expected behavior:3D area
Actual behavior: only selected areas appears after initialization.
Hello every one, I did grow from seeds many times successfully, however, some times it did not work after initialization, so i ‘Undo’ and repeated the initialization again to overcome the issue. Now it has stopped working at all. I checked the other solutions here, but they are not working.

Please avoid double posts.

Grow from seeds never stops working.

What is it you want to achieve, what is your primary segmentation aim, what is this structure you need to see ?

Sorry, I tried my best before posting to avoid duplication.
I’m trying to separate the nasal air passage with the maxillary sinuses from the other air sinuses. The following 2 photos shows my screen after initialization and apply - different PC from but same problem. However, after Undo and Initialize again… it get me the istimated correct results as in photo 3

photo 3;

Thank you

No way a ENT specialist, but in Slicer 5.22
this sketch with paintstrokes works well after initialization of Grow from seeds (the 3D display before pressing “Apply” is normal) :

and results in

after pressing “Apply”