VMTK Extract Centerline extracts centerline curves with both a curve and a straight line

Hello! I have been using the Extract Centerline module from the SlicerVMTK extension to extract the centerline of a vessel struction. The extracted ‘Centerline Model’ is relatively accurate, however, the ‘Centerline Curves’ for each branch sometimes has a straight line right next to the curve. I am attaching screenshots from my scene here:

In the above screenshot, the surface model is yellow, bright green is the ‘Centerline Model’, and purple line is one of the ‘Centerline Curves’. Note how a part of it follows the centerline model correctly, but it also has another straight line directly connecting the endpoint and the branching point.

Does any one know what is causing this problem by any chance? This problem is different from this post where the centerline curve is completely a straight line.

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This has been fixed and should not happen in a preview build. Please ensure you are using the latest preview build.

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I see. Thank you! Just for everyone else’s information, I was using slicer version 5.6.1 released on 2023-12-12, so you should use a newer version :slight_smile: