How to call twoprojectionregistration module in slicer?


I am developing a registration extension recently.
And I am going to use a remote-module in itk which is twoprojectionregistration module.
And I can not find this module in slicer library.
I was wondering if there is a way to call this module from itk which I built already outside slicer.
Or I need to develop a new module with twoprojectionregistration module in c++, and calling from python script in slicer.
Please give me some hint or suggestion.

Thank you for your help.

One option is to build Slicer on your computer and one it’s done, configure ITK with Module_TwoProjectionRegistration:BOOL=ON and start the build again.

If you are not comfortable with C++ then you can install twoprojectionregistration as a python package (pip_install('itk-twoprojectionregistration')) - this requires recent Slicer Preview Release.

Once you confirmed that twoprojectionregistration works well then let us know and we’ll find a good way of making it available for your extension (build the ITK external module in your extension, or add this external module to Slicer core, etc.).

Thank you for your reply.
I will try it, and let you know the result.