Suggestion for Module Extension Development with SimpleITK and ITK-elastix


I would like to develop a module extension in 3D slicer for projecting planned needle trajectories to current image by registering pre-operative CT to intra-operative CT.

I have already object-oriented python scripts with many classes and functions for registration, image processing and visualization. For image processing I am using SimpleITK functions and for registration I am using itk-elastix.

I would like to incorporate all these functionalities in this module. However I am having a bit hard time to constuct general pipeline.

My first idea was to install SimpleITK and itk-elastix packages and write everything in the Logic class but I could not install itk-elastix. Since there is already Elastix module in Slicer, I guess I can use that module in my custom module.

What would be your suggestions for creating such an extension?

How can I bundle my module with external python packages for example itk-elastix?

Thank you!