How to hide or delete the Help&Acknowledgement bar

In slicer,every module has a Help bar, as is shown in this pic.

I wonder hide or delete it ,is there any way ?

You can hide it using this command:


Why would you like to hide it? To save space?

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Thank you!
Because I want to embed other module into my current module, but then there will be two same help columns,so I want to hide the embed module’s help bar.

Another problem is that the command will hide all modules’ Help bar.
Actually I just want to hide the embed module’s bar


I would not recommend doing this. Module GUI is not intended to be reused or duplicated and you may run into issues if you do it anyway. It is also not a good idea because module GUI always has input/output node selectors that you typically don’t need when you want to show some widgets embedded in another module’s GUI.

The proper solution is to build your module GUI from reusable widgets. These widgets can be instantiated any number of times, in any module, and have a number of properties to customize their appearance and behavior. A well-designed module builds its GUI from these reusable widgets (and maybe a few node selectors and buttons).

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