Make Slicers perpendicular to other

After reformating one slice is there a way to make the other 2 slicer exactly perpendicular to the original along the other two axes?

I would recommend to rotate slice views by keeping them orthogonal. A few options for that:

  • Option A: Rotate slices using Ctrl+Alt+Left-click-and-drag. This rotates slices so that they remain orthogonal.
  • Option B: Rotate using transform: Install SlicerIGT extension, create a transform, use that in Volume Reslice Driver module to reslice the volume (choose modes: Inplane, Inplane 90, Transverse). You can edit the transform using sliders in Transforms module, or other modules (for example, if you want to reslice along a curve then you can use Endoscopy module or CrossSectionAnalysis module (in SlicerVMTK).

What would you like to achieve? Trace a nerve or vessel? Or review/segment a rotationally symmetric object? There are specific modules for these.

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Dear Prof Lasso,

My use case is not specific but generic. I find the “Fit slice plane to markup fiducials” script very useful and use it to orient slices.

But when I use the script I would like to have the other two planes (green and yellow) to reorient them self relative to the red slice. (i.e keep the perpendicular relationship like in the original)

Is there a way to make this happen maybe straight from the script ?

After you set the computed SliceToRAS transform into one slice, you can apply 90-degree rotations to to this transform and apply that to the two other slice views. Or, do not set the computer transform directly as SliceToRAS, but set it into a transform node that controls all slices via Volume Reslice Driver.

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