How to show Orthopeadic hip and shoulder Deformities on 3D prints

Currently I work for Orthopaedic Surgery and we use 3D models for pre-operative planning. We have noticed that slicer smooths over bone deformities. The recons (ROI) show lots of boney landmarks and deformities. However, these details get lost when made into a model. Is it possible this can be fix to show more deformities?

Side note: I do not use the smoothing option when making the models, I just click the auto generate from the CT to 3D model and it is making too smooth of a model.

If default surface smoothing removes relevant details then you probably want to make the segmentation’s resolution higher. You can also try adjusting Surface smoothing factor.

Thanks for these however, I cannot find specify geometry in slicer. I don’t know what the button looks like. The SOP does not show were volume source is as well.

Specify geometry button is next to the volume selector near the top.

Where is the volume selector? That still does not help me. Can I have an image that would show me where it is.

I’ve added a screenshot to the documentation here.