I have lots of questions. Can I write you an email?

Hi, i am from mexico, i have lots of questions do you have a email?

Try discourse.slicer.org
Btw: beginning This Monday we have a virtual live event called project week.

This email is for non-work related messages


This email is for non-work related messages

Our forum statistics show that each topic on the forum is read by hundreds of people. This means that by answering questions once helps hundreds of people. In contrast, answering the same question in an email would only help a single person. Therefore, if we want to keep answering all the questions, discussions must be kept on the public forum (except for personal or confidential matters).

Public discussion also allows more people to get involved in the discussion and better distribute the workload of providing support.

Also please search the forum before posting a question. There is a good chance that most of your many questions have already been answered here. Slicer has documentation as well that you can browse for information:

(we are in a transition from the second one to the first one two so both could be useful)