IK solution failed and the robot can't move to the Entry point

Hello guys,I have go throught the ROSIGTLTutorial-ISMR2019 recently, after follow the steps of Fiducial Registration Wizard the relationship between the robot and the patient
on rviz and 3D Slicer are Confirmed.

So i continue the tutorial to execution of the plan
(1)copy the plan and rename as Plan Reference
(2)copy the ReferenceToRas and rename as RasToFeference and invert the transform

(3)Open “RasToReference” transform in “Transforms” and Apply “RasToReference” transform to “Plan-Reference”

When all the steps done,the 3D Slicer sense as show below
And finally Send “Plan-Reference” in “I/O Configuration”,and from the ros node message the Plan is sent to ROS, but the robot didn’t moves to the
entry, and then the target the message like the below picture

And i also change the OMPL planner in Rviz and Moveit but it also can’t solve .
Can someone tell me why ,and thanks in advance.
Best wishes,

The error indicate that the robot cannot physically reach the target position/orientation. It is either because you need to move the robot closer, in a better orientation; or the robot has not been registered correctly to the patient. It is hard to tell which one is the case here from the screenshots and high-level description.