Is there a way to segment heart valves from a CTA scan using 3D Slicer

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I’ve been tying to figure out a way to do this. Basically, I have a pretty high resolution CTA scan. I want to be able to segment out the heart valves. The only challenge is none of the 3 planes allow me to see a top down picture of any of the heart valves. I am guessing there is a way to rotate the planes so I can get the correct view and segment the heart valves from there? Does anyone know how to do this using CT scans?

Many thanks in advance!

You can use the Reformat widget from the slice controller or you can open the Reformat module (search for it with control-F).

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You can also use Ctrl + Alt + Left-click-and-drag to align your views with the valve axis (after you enabled display of slice intersections using the crosshair toolbar).

Then you can rotate slice views using SlicerHeart extension’s Valve View module.

Thank you Steve! This is most helpful. I just tried it out and it helps a lot!

Many thanks Andras. This helps a lot! This software that you guys created is really amazing!

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