Is there any 3D Slicer Training program in Europe?

Is there any 3D Slicer training programs/workshops to be held in Europe recently ?

We will have the project week in the Canary Islands Jan 20-24. If you are university affiliate, you might be able to get travel support through the Erasmus program. Check out the link on that page called Erasmus mobility information

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Thank you so much. i am a university affiliate. But Dates are not really the best !!! :disappointed_relieved:

You may also organize a training course at your institution, tailored to interests and needs of your group. The minimum is about 15 participants and it may be possible get the training for free (you just need to cover travel expenses).

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@lassoan, Thank you so much for the offer. I will discuss the possibility of having it in Malmo, Sweden with my colleagues and get back to you soon.

Can someone please share with me a schedule/topics of a 3D Slicer workshop so i have something to work with.

See list of past events here. Many of them has links to training materials. You may also find useful materials on Training page.

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