Issue with downloading 3d slicer preview release 5.3.0

Hello, I have issue with downloading the preview release of 3d slicer 5.3.0. I am using windows 11. When my downloading is about to complete, at that very instant, my computer shows that it detects virus and my download fails. Please help. Thank you.

Unfortunately, this can happen time to time with executable files that are changed frequently (we upload a new Slicer Preview Release every day), because malware detection engines are tuned continuously and may make false detections for files that they have not seen before. What web browser do you use?

Typically all you need is to wait some time (half day or maybe a day) and retry, because many users report such errors to the developer to the anti-malware tool and they make quick adjustments. If the problem persists for more than a day then let us know and we report the download as safe to the browser/anti-malware tool developer.

In the meantime you can use a different browser or different computer to download the file.

Sir, I am using Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser. Today, I tried downloading again and I am successful with Chrome but not with Microsoft Edge. Thanks.