It's 2017-05-16... Nightly Build is still 2017-05-09?

Hi! @fedorov I’m tagging you in this one since you and I had a conversation about it a couple of days ago. It looks like the nightly build is not pulling from what’s currently in Github.

I’m checking CDash for clues… all I can see is the Update/Revision column doesn’t have anything in it.

The downloads page still says it was built 2017-05-09.

And this is regarding release: version 4.7.0 revision 26007 built 2017-05-09.

A symptom of the non-rebuild is when I run Slicer, SlicerPathology is still showing the old debug output. And… it’s not working the same as the current code.

Current tag v1.2.4 has been re-created. So, the build should have picked it up, no?

Please advise.


Yes, it seems that due to some reason the download page is not updating. @mhalle do you know what could be the problem?

In the meantime, you can download packages from the dashboard directly (small yellow package icons in the Build name column).


Thank you @lassoan. Also, the download page says 2017-05-09, but the names of the actual download are 2017-05-06.

That’s normal: there were no commits between May 6 and 9.

Please forgive my naiveté, but – commits to where…?
Each of the slicer-extension repositories on GitHub (like ours)?
The ExtensionsIndex?
Or do you mean Slicer itself?


Slicer is built from Slicer/Slicer on GitHub. I meant that there were no commits in that repository between May 6 and 9:

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@jcfr The original issue is still there: shows that the latest release is May 9, while it’s May 17 now and there have been several new releases since then (available on Midas)