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I am a Master’s student incorporating 3D slicer program for segmentation of carpal bones implants. I have never used the program before. If someone may please provide a short course of how to use the program, that would be highly appreciated. I have tried to understand the educational links on 3D slicer website, however for a novice rookie like myself, it is very confusing.

If someone may please help me, that would be highly appreciated.

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I am not aware of a short course that is available currently.

We used to do one that emphasized how to use 3D Slicer for collecting morphometric data from microCT scans of biological specimens, before our funding has ended. You may want to look at contents from Day 1 (general intro to Slicer) and Day 2 (segmentation, second half of the day). If you are not working with microCT data or not interested in morphometrics, skip the references/link to SlicerMorph or SlicerMorphCloud.

If our next funding comes through, we will have a week long short-course on digital morphology with 3D Slicer on a semi-annual basis. But that’s probably a good 4-6 months out.

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Good day team,

I am trying to install my 3D slicer on my PC but I keep getting an NSIS error. see the picture below:

It keeps saying I should contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy.

I will be very grateful for any tip on how to go about it.


You may be interested in Project Week as a way to jump start your project. If you look at examples from previous events you can see that people often start with a problem statement and learn from the community how to accomplish their goals using Slicer or other tools.

Possibly the installer is corrupted. Try downloading again.

I reply appreciate your reply.

However, I downloaded it more than 5 times.

Don’t know what else to do…

Not sure, those files are downloaded hundreds of times each day and you are the only one reporting a corruption. Are you behind some sort of a firewall/proxy? Perhaps that’s corrupting the files. Do you have any chance of trying a different internet connection (e.g., home instead of work).

Also what’s the specific version OS combination you are trying to download?

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finally installed it. Downloaded it through another machine and installed it on mine