LungCTSegmenter: File Size and "Lung segmentation preview "

Hello, I am a novice user of 3D Slicer and trying to use version 5.0.3 of the software in windows 11.
I performed the same operation with my partner. But he and I got different results. He is a mac OS system user.
First, I generated one more file than he did.
Just like this:

"Lung segmentation preview "is the file that was added.

Second, I saved the file in a different size than he did, and to be precise, the sharpness of the image formed by the segmentation performed was much worse than his.

What may the reason be? Thanks for any help!

“Lung segmentation preview” is generated when you “Start” the Lung CT Segmenter process during the placement of the markups.
As soon as you press “Apply” you should get the “real” segmentation and the “preview” should be removed automatically,

The preview is generated from a downsampled copy of your input volume. That is why it might have a poor resolution.

So try again:

Start Slicer and load the volume.
Go to Lung CT Segmenter and press “start”


Place your markups until the last one - the trachea markup.

Press “Apply”

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Thank you very much. I have solved my problems.

You are my guide on the path of learning! I really admire your work and I think this extension is really useful and cool!!!

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