MacOS Nightly - extensions manager error

For the last little while (week or two?) the MacOS nightly version gives me this error when I open the extensions manager. There are also no extensions available. Has anyone else run into this? Does this have to do with the update to the nightly build machine?


Yes it has been reported and something that hasn’t been addressed yet. See Problematic behavior of the extension manager.

You can follow its progress at

Oops, sorry - should have checked. Thanks!!


In the meantime, is there a way to get updated versions of extensions? There have been changes to extensions that I’d like to use, but I’m forced to just restore extensions from previously installed versions.

I guess I could just grab the git repos and add those in by hand? (Meaning, module paths)


You can download the zip file using your browser and then install manually using install from file option in the extensions manager.

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Very cool, thanks!!!

@hherhold Do you get that error every time you open the extension manager? What happens if you right-click and choose “Reload”? Do you get this error only on all the tabs (Manage extensions, Install extensions, Restore extensions) or on just one of them?

It looks like I get it the first time I open extensions manager, when it goes to the “Install Extensions” tab by default upon opening. I do not get it in the restore extensions or manage extensions tabs. Right-clicking in the “Install Extensions” tab does nothing (no pop-up menu).