MarkupsDisplayNodes have different default glyph sizes on different computers

Hello. When I am using
slicer.util.updateMarkupsControlPointsFromArray(vtkMRMLMarkupsCurveNode, Node)

The default glyph size is 1% on PC and 3% on Mac.
It looks good on PC but too thick on Mac. I have to change it to 1% on Mac manually. I think they should have the same value. Thanks.

This issue of different glyph sizes on HiDPI screens has been resolved some time ago. Can you still reproduce inconsistent sizes if you use the current Slicer version (Slicer-5.0.3 and latest Slicer-5.1.x)?

The version on both PC and Mac (with HiDPI screen) are 5.0.3. They have inconsistent sizes.

If you load the same scene in both computers then the sizes should be the same (I don’t remember if it is relative to the application window or the screen size).

If you create a new markup then the default markup size is used, which may not be the same. The size is stored in application settings and you can set it in Markups module → Display → Save to Defaults.