Non orthogonal slices

Hi, I was wondering if I can reslice my volume data in non orthogonal directions. So for example if axial is 0 degree slice and coronal is 90 degree slice, i would like to have 45 degree slices.

You can use the “Reformat” module (Modules drop down -> all modules -> Reformat) to set the slice viewers to arbitrary orientations.
It is helpful to have the Slice intersections visible while doing so. Show them by clicking the arrow next to the crosshair icon and check “Slice intersections” in the menu.


Thank you for answer. This method shows me non-orthogonal slices i want, but is there a way to download this new dicom slices and corresponding labels?

You can resample the volume if you need to reformat the image slices. See oblique slice segmentation recipe - section: Create resampled volume with rotated axes.