Obtaining Surface Area from Volume Shape

OS: Windows 11
Version: 3D Slicer 5.2.2

Good morning,

I am relatively new to the world of 3D Slicer and had some questions for the use of the program. Obviously, some questions I ask may be very easy to deny/accept because I have not used the program for long enough to know, with stability, if a feature is available or not. That being said, please take kind regards with my questions, I appreciate it and your help greatly.

I was interested in discovering the surface area of the airways shown in my CT scans of the lung region. Namely, I wanted to use the Model given in the Volume Rendering > Display > Preset: CT Air, as it looked the best. I’ve read around and watched videos explaining how Segmentation was the only way to retrieve information(Surface Area) in a 3D model. I was hoping to somehow extract these Airways automatically, so that I can efficiently retrieve data of the Airways.

Thank you for reading and your response, any advice would help greatly.

Jason Munoz

You can start with the LungCTAnalyzer, which has an airway segmentation tool. Once you have the segmentation you can get the surface area with the SegmentStatistics module.

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Thank you for your assistance. I was unaware of this extension for 3D Slicer. I have been using the AirwaySegmentation Extension, but this program and your advice has given me the data that I need.

Many Thanks,
Jason Munoz

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