Osteotomy Planner in Slicer PW38th in Gran Canaria

Dear all,

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Canary Islands in a couple of weeks and we were thinking that it could be a good moment to work with Ostetomy Planner Slicer’s extension.

We have used it for teaching medical students at the Medical School in our University. However, as far as we are only using it to introduce student in the basic concepts of the osteotomies, we can work with the one at the old release of Slicer.

However, we would like to know a little bit more about this extension, how it is included in the last release of Slicer and, of course, to have a small tutorial of the last version released to try to include it as a tool for the osteotomies planning in maxilofacial procedures.

Also, we would like to know if this extension is still alive and supported by the community or it is being left.

In this context, I’m not sure whether this proposal is “big” enough to be considered as a potential project at PW38. If the answer is “yes”, I’ll write down a formal proposal at the wiki.

Thank you very much and have a nice trip to Gran Canaria.

Hi Miguel,

If there is interest in the extension, we can definitely add fixes/updates. The newer version was completely rewritten from the old one, so there may be some features missing from what you are currently using. I checked the most recent preview build, and it is available there if you are interested in playing around with it.

We can definitely have this as a Project Week project.


Also, if you are available now, you could join the Project Meeting to discuss:

Hi @marf

Please check the BoneReconstructionPlanner extension. It’s 3D Slicer extension for virtual surgical planning of mandibular reconstruction with vascularized fibula free flap and generation of patient-specific surgical guides.

It’s currently working and it’s available on the extensions manager.

If you are interested, we can more talk about this in the meeting that it’s currently being held (link above). Also you can comment on this forum and I’ll answer here

Thank you Sam and Mauro,

I wasn’t available to connect before and when I did it the meeting was closing up.

If you agree with, I can write a more general project proposal that includes both extensions (Ostetotmy Planner and BoneReconstructionPlanner). I’m interested in both for our teaching activities and to introduce it to maxilofacial surgeons.

In any case, I’d rather install and play with both extensions in the last compiled release of Slicer, and then, I’ll write in the wiki.