Performance lag in labeling and navigating between slices when using Chrome Remote Desktop

I am trying to use 3d slicer installed on a vm with the following specs:

Enabled Virtual Workstation (NVIDIA GRID)
g2-standard-4 (4 vCPU, 2 core, 16 GB memory)
However, when I use Chrome Remote Desktop- there is a severe performance lag as compared to when I use the 3D Slicer app on my local machine. I have tried all possible options but cant get past this.

Remote desktop issues can be due to network latency, which is usually out of your control. Try with a faster network connection or try to use VM site that’s geographically closer to you (if that’s an option).

Also the specs of the VM is pretty low, but should be sufficient for typical clinical datasets. Anything higher resolution, you are probably quite under-powered.

Different remote desktop software may also be an option. I have pretty good results with x11vnc plus noVNC, but niceDCV is very fast as are some other proprietary tools.