Plus Luncher keeps saying "Launching"?


I am trying to transmit some ultrasound images(NRRD format) thought Open IGTlink form PLUS to Slicer. The final goal is to reconstruct an accuracy evaluation phantom for evaluation of tracked Ultrasound.

Here is what I did:
1- set the Device " Replay recorded data from file" in the config file with a link to the directory
2- set the device “VolumeReconstructorDevice” in the config file
3- set up the connection through Open IGTlink
3.1- Add the connector (+)
3.1- check ACTIVE
3.2- I/O configuration: Image data as volume and Transform data is available but no output
4- View controllers: chose the right connection, Axial, and click the eye
5- Volume reslice driver: Transverse

Yet, the Plus Server indicates “Lunching …”. Is that right? And Should there be an output (3.2)

I should note that I could not see any image or Volume yet!

plus_lunching error

Can you make an issue on the PlusLib issue tracker (, and attach your config file to the issue?