Proposed new Slicer logo

So are we set with the logo as shown in Proposed new Slicer logo or should we keep iterating?

  • Yes
  • No

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No more iterations, please! :smiley:


It seems like the logomark has been finalized, but the full logo with the text “3D Slicer” I haven’t seen yet.

The previously considered points about the full logo

  • Having more of a clearly defined space between “3D” and “Slicer” as it is “3D Slicer” and not “3DSlicer”.
  • Consider using the same color of the sphere as the text color of “3D” and possibly for all of “3D Slicer”. If just the “3D” then the second part would have to flip between black on light or white on dark.
  • Have a horizontal and vertical version of this full logo.

@SteveJordanKW Can you provide the full logo (aka with “3D Slicer” text ) with these points?


Thanks @pieper for creating the poll, as suggested by @jamesobutler and @lassoan next steps are:

  • logo + text
  • favicon
  • favicon + discourse
  • favicon + readthedocs

Thanks @SteveJordanKW and everyone else for the help, this is exciting :smiley:


To all those who are interested dark mode support and re-styling of Slicer - please comment on the topic of icon set:

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Hello All,

I’ve been away for awhile and I am likely too late with these updates I’m posting. If the community is past making adjustments to the logo, then please accept my apology.

I worked on some variations to the logo, and I have worked on two complete rebrand candidates.

Any change in the logo is a de-facto rebrand in any case, tho without any accompanying changes to Slicer’s core values or vision to my awareness. So, there is an argument that this change should be one to last Slicer for the next long stretch of time.

My personal commitment to the cut sphere is easy to break, tho I think the idea of visually conveying 3D structure and data analysis is important. That said, one of the complete rebrand candidates below has part of the sphere still in it for historical purposes, but plays at looking a little like part of a brain shape.

I have svgs for all if anyone wants to play with them. If the horses are too far out of the gate, it’s on me for being late!

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@rkikinis and both :heart: Rebrand A so thank you @wenples! but also know that the poll kinda closed when @Davide_Punzo started redoing the SlicerAstro logo and it’s okay if we don’t reopen the discussion (don’t want to annoy @bpaniagua! :smile: ).

Hi I am not sure if it’s too late, but personally I like rebrand A a lot

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I like how Rebrand A looks, too! However, it would be such a big change from the previous design that people would not recognize it. If we want to reopen the discussion then it would be interesting to see a design similar to Rebrand A, which reslices a sphere instead (slices would be circles instead of rectangles; or at least the rectangles would change in size to form a sphere-like shape).

@wenples What do you think about the icon set redesign discussion? Would you be interested in/available for designing a modern icon set for Slicer?

HI Andras - any change to the logo now will be noticed as a change – that’s why it’s best to rebrand when the product is conceptually new in some significant way. However, whatever the change, people will get used to the new look. And a change to the look and feel is underway, so now is a fine time to depart from the grey-blue sphere.

That said, Rebrand B has the sphere still in it, sliced up as you suggested. I had a few other really. simple variations of this logo that might strike the balance for you – so I’ll include below.


We surely want some change (mainly to match current design trends) but keeping the logo somewhat familiar would be preferable.

I like layering of Rebrand A better (one multi-color layer and several monotone transparent layers), it would just look more familiar if we could preserve the spherical shape instead of switching to a cube.

If others agree with Andras, and if the logo is still in play, I can certainly try a spherized version of Candidate A. I’ll wait to hear what you all would like me to do!

I am not sure if the logo is still at play, But I really love Rebrand A and would be curious to see a circle version.


Well, if for no other reason than Ron’s curiosity! I will tinker with a circle version. Cheers! -wen


To round out all the designs we are discussing, please find the full logo versions below with 3D Slicer included (using the Verdana typeface). We have two grays to consider here: the first makes up a majority of the sphere and the other is slightly darker (the shadow on the lower right of the sphere)

Let me know if I should proceed with finalizing this version of the logo or if you plan to move in the other directions that Wendy provided. Thanks!


Thanks @SteveJordanKW, it looks very nice :pray:

@wenples Thanks for sharing the additional design, they are very interesting.

Do you you think you could have an updated design for tomorrow Slicer hangout at 10 am ET ? We could then all discuss and reach a final consensus ?


I will do my best, and will send what I have in any case by 10AM tomorrow.

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Thanks @SteveJordanKW for addressing all of my previous points! :pray:

I do like “3D Slicer” being all the same color and the gray that makes up the majority of the sphere looks. It makes that connection between the text and logomark nicely.

I think it will make it a little simpler when dynamically changing the background between Light/Dark to use the same image file instead of having to update the image file based with the appropriate alternating color.

Hi all,
I spent much time today and came up with nothing delightful, just meh, I’m disappointed to say. But I look forward to hearing about the decision you make tomorrow under such a tight deadline. If there is more time for me to throw at andras’ request, let me know and I will continue. Cheers!