Proposed new Slicer logo

I agree. I still like the cube most

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I like the cube as well

Very creative @wenples :+1: :pray:

On the dev call today we were hoping we could wrap up the logo discussion and get the new homepage, documentation, and other design projects into play. @rkikinis we can give you veto power but I’m thinking we should go ahead with @SteveJordanKW’s latest design.


All good to me; whatever the logo, Slicer is amazing!


Hi All,

Shortly @SteveJordanKW will upload the files into a shared Google Folder, in the meantime @faiza.ahmed experimented with the Slicer logo with/without border and it seems the one without the border integrates nicely.

Any preferences ?

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Et voila, the assets are available in this Google folder

It includes the following files:

3D Slicer_Favicon_Discourse.png
3D Slicer_Favicon.png
3D Slicer_Favicon_Readthedocs.png
3D Slicer_Logo_Horizontal.png
3D Slicer_Logo_Horizontal.svg
3D Slicer_Logo_Vertical.png
3D Slicer_Logo_Vertical.svg
3D Slicer_Mark_128.png
3D Slicer_Mark_32.png
3D Slicer_Mark_64.png
3D Slicer_Mark.png
3D Slicer_Mark.svg

As suggested by @lassoan during this morning community hangout, we will most likely add the assets to a dedicated GitHub repository.



  • 3D Slicer_Mark_128
    3D Slicer_Mark_128

Logo with text


  • 3D Slicer_Favicon: 3D Slicer_Favicon

  • 3D Slicer_Favicon_Discourse: 3D Slicer_Favicon_Discourse

  • 3D Slicer_Favicon_Readthedocs: 3D Slicer_Favicon_Readthedocs


Looks very modern and cool! Thanks everyone, @jamesobutler @SteveJordanKW @wenples for working on this! Slicer 5.0 here we come!


Favicon size (at least on Discourse) is 32x32. We need to use a good interpolation method (there are nice ones in gimp), maybe tune the stroke thickness of lines in SVG.

The “3D Slicer” text looks good on dark background but it looks a bit too pale to me over light background. Maybe it should have similar black stroke around it as the logo itself to make sure it is well visible over both light and dark backgrounds? We could also make the text background-color-independent by placing it on the logo (not exactly like this, but with correct spherical distortion):

3D Slicer_Logo_Horizontal_with_text_s2

and make sure that the curvature of the word Slicer is correct.

I strongly recommend avoiding text on the logo mark itself, it will create far more complications than having a slightly lighter “3D Slicer” typeface. I would consider using a darker gray from the logo for the text; the lower right shading of the sphere might work nicely. It seems like we are slightly split on the idea of having a stroke versus none; with a few more votes for the stroked version. Below are three variations of the logo for one last consideration: black stroke, gray stroke and finally no stroke.

After some discussions with other designers at Kitware, the version without a stroke would be the strongest option for modernizing and simplifying the logo overall, but I understand the idea of staying with a stroked version to be closer to the previous logo. I think the strongest case I can make for the strokeless variant is in Faiza’s landing page mockup; the bottom version has a nice look to it and integrates with the surrounding space of the landing page, whereas the bordered version cuts itself off from the space.


I think the biggest issue with the strokeless variant is that the transparent/dynamic changing color in the interior space of the logo makes it look like a different logo depending on the background. The heavy dark stroke version does make it look a little more cartoony on a light background with the text also being a little weird without the consistent stroke. The white stroke version looks to be glowing on the dark backgound while the text doesn’t have that same look.

Maybe a specific color can be used in the interior spaces and between the colored squares which would then allow dropping the border stroke that outlines the main sphere shape. Or maybe just dropping some or all of these borders and just expand the colors to fill the space.

In general, they all look good. Just pointing out the very little minor things.

Definitely agree with @SteveJordanKW, please no text on the sphere. I like the gray text.

I guess I’m old fashioned but I like the black stroke version. Only problem for me is that it gets lost on the black background, but I can live with that.

I agree with filling in the interior grid opacity.

Thanks for the attention to detail!

I want to add a small suggestion. Currently you distribute Slicer without the logo. it would be nice for Linux users to have the logo together with the application for link to desktop purposes.

We’ve tended to avoid doing too much to support linux desktops because there seemed to be so much variation across distributions you could never know what is “standard” that should work for most people. If you can suggest changes that work well for you and are likely to help others then a PR would be most welcome.

This is not a change, just include the new logo as a Slicer.png or something in the same folder of the main application

Great! Can you do a PR that adds this?

Sure, as soon as you define the final logo

Just wanted to touch base and see where we stand with the logo. We want to use the current logo mark (with dark strokes) with a slightly darker text to alleviate background issues?

@SteveJordanKW Thanks for following up! I think the safe answer is to yes, use the dark stroke version. I think if you take the crescent color (144,156,175) and the darkest quadrant color (98,110,127) and blend the two (121,133,151) then that color helps make it appear a little darker on white background while still being readable on the black background.

@SteveJordanKW When I tried to edit the logo in SVG format to make it look nicer when Google Chrome scales it down (see then I’ve realized that the dark strokes are actually not strokes but black filled shapes. So, for example there is no easy way to change the stroke width. Many of the lines are also duplicate and overlapping. What software did you use to create the logo? Does it have an option to export an SVG that has better compatibility with other software and suitable for editing?