Radiomics error - No module named ‘pywt’

Another question: I am trying to from radiomics import getFeatureClasses, but got the error " No module named ‘pywt’ ". I fixed the problem using the code mentioned here Slicer Radiomics error - #3 by fedorov , and @fedorov said he has updated this. But both the stable version and preview release of Slicer have this error. Thank you.


I tried, and I am unable to even install the extension - I do not know what happened and why it says it is incompatible with the nightly slicer. I posted that question separately here.

Switch to the new-generation extension server happened just today. You can use a release from a couple of days back on the download page by specifying an offset, for example: allows you to download the Slicer Preview Release from 3 days ago.

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@hotsen the pyradiomics self-test works fine for me on mac for the preview release from 3 days ago. What platform are you on?

@fedorov I am using stable version 4.11.20210226 and preview release 4.13.0-2021-08-08
Enter “from radiomics import getFeatureClasses” in python interactor, will give you “No module named ‘pywt’ error”

I am using Windows platform

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Thanks, this works fine for me on mac, and I have not tested on windows. I actually don’t have a windows machine, but will try to figure something out.

@hotsen I have Windows 10 running on Mac in Parallels, and for me the self-test completes fine, and from radiomics import getFeatureClasses in the python console does not trigger any errors for the preview release 2021-08-08.

That’s odd. I just downloaded the new preview release 2021-08-12, no errors anymore. Thank you for testing!

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