Resources available for MPR in Slicer

What resources are available for using MPR in Slicer?

I can think of two options

  1. Using the reformat widget for interactive manipulation of the slice orientation.

  2. Thick slab reconstruction option

Where can I find the “reformat widget for interactive manipulation of the slice orientation.”?
For many years I have used Osirix, thenafter Horos for some precise CT scan orientation with their MPR engine, which is precise and convenient. I can’t find a way to do the same with 3D slicer, maybe that this widget would be the solution? would you have a solution for doing a very acurate orientation and reslicing?
Thank for any help, season greetings.

Is it possible to manipulate the MPR volumes in slicer similar to the below video? I’ve seen this capability in similar software. The Reformat Widget seems to get the job done, but is a little clunkier to work with.;!!May37g!KuFyPQFDBa1B2YqxCzbxTo89Ix4VIk6R5BoxH-LEG5bTNQ00LfhG4mN06CoYqyXi3An-pY347-TVZHZeD0E1Gl1tCXDp$

Here is a demonstration of how you can use Reformat Widget for MPR in 3D Slicer

And Thick-Slab Reconstruction

Hope this helps


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Dear Andinet, thanks for your replay, It look as if the thick slab will do the job, but my computer don’t support the last issue of slicer, I hope that Santa Claus will bring me a new one.
The reformat widget lack of accurancy for my purpose.
Season greetings

Has this issue already been reported? If so please cross-reference the issue here and note what kind of computer you have an what issues prevent the latest versions from working.

Did you try going into the Reformat module? It offers options control of the plane, although the interface may not be ideal for your purposes.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it as well, but no, it does not fit my requirements.
All the same, it is not a big deal to do the reslicing with Horos and then import the h5 file.

Is there a way to re-orient the view using cross-hairs similar to other dicom viewers? The slicer arrows are challenging to manipulate

Just confirming: there’s no equivalent in slicer of the crosshair guided MPR tool here: ( I’ve seen this in some other viewers (e.g. RadiAnt) as well.

You can do this by clicking the slice intersection button, and checking the Interaction box in the dropdown menu


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I would just add that after enabling slice intersections, if you don’t want to make slice intersection lines interactive then you can translate slice views by holding down shift key while moving the mouse, or rotate slice views by Ctrl + Alt + Left-click-and-drag.

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Thank you both! I knew I had to be missing it